The benefits of hiring an outside home security monitoring company


Even with the most advanced security system in place, it’s pretty impossible to be at home every hour of the day to watch over your property and belongings. That’s when an outside home security monitoring company comes in handy.

The benefits of hiring an outside home security monitoring company

While there are many benefits to hiring an outside security monitoring company to watch over your home, we’re going to outline the most beneficial benefits guided by Charlotte Observer.


When you hire an outside security monitoring company, they will ask you what time of day and how frequently you want them to come by your property to inspect that there has not been an intruder or break-in.

When these checks happen, you can either be home or not. Most homes will want an inspection to happen during the middle of the night and also during the hours they are away at work.

In doing so, this helps ensure your property is constantly monitored so it doesn’t look like no one is home – a prime thing intruders look for.

Alarm calls

Another prime benefit to hiring an outside home security monitoring company is the alarm calls that happen. Should someone break into your home, or if you allow your alarm to go off longer than the allotted time to turn it off (such as 30-seconds), you’ll receive a call from the home monitoring company, and they’ll ask you for a custom passcode. If this passcode is incorrect, they immediately call the cops and have them come to your home.

Discounted Home Insurance

When you have an alarm installed in your home, you should discuss this with your homeowner’s insurance company because most will give you a discount. Insurance companies like to know that you are doing all you can to ensure your home is protected as this also protects them from payouts.

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