SpeedCap - Instant Screen Capturing

What is ScreenCap?

SpeedCap is a program used to take screenshots of your PC and upload them automatically, with virtually no wait time, to SpeedCap.net. Upon image capture, your image is instantly uploaded to an online folder where you can store all of your images. Once the image is uploaded, the direct URL link to the image is automatically copied to your clipboard making SpeedCap very convenient for Twitter, Facebook, any Forum or Blog, your own website, etc. SpeedCap is available to all operating systems and is free to use.

SpeedCap has limited, non invasive advertising, and does limit your embedding bandwidth, or invasivly ask you if you would like to upgrade to a premium service as some other competitors might. Once registered, you have the ability to delete any image you upload using SpeedCap by navigating to your Image Folder. Your images can only be seen if the URL to your image is given out by yourself. SpeedCap does not house a gallery to all uploaded images and they are not seen by other members of SpeedCap other than yourself and whoever you give your direct link to. Your Image Folder is given a randomly generated name based on algorithms, as are your images you upload. This means the chances of another member randomly typing in characters and finding your images are 1 in 1 nonillion-billion quadrillion (1x104053) which is physically impossible. We assure your images are as safe as you want them to be. Only the people who navigate to your image using your direct image url can see your image. You can customize your Image Folder by purchasing Premium.

How do I use SpeedCap?

SpeedCap is an easy-to-use application. SpeedCap requires no installtion and is easily opened. Once SpeedCap is opened, your mouse changes into a cross-hair form. Use this cross-hair to drag and select what you want to appear on your uploaded image. Once you release the left mouse button, the contents within the domain of the highlighted box area you selected are instantly uploaded to your Image Folder. The direct url is also instantly copied to your clipboard making SpeedCap convenient for Twitter, Social Media sites, Forums, Blogs, eMails, etc.

Quick Tip: It is recommended that you pin SpeedCap to your Windows Start Menu or Windows task bar. If you are on Mac, we suggest you add it to your Mac dock and if you are running linux then it is suggested to add SpeedCap.rb to a key shortcut.

What extra features and permissions do I get when I donate?

SpeedCap is a free-to-use application, however a lot of time and dedication go into the development and furthering of SpeedCap for the general public. All money which is generated by our Premium service goes towards our hosting and keeping the program free-to-use. Premium is a one-time payment and not a subscription-based fee. When you sign up at the Image Folder, you will have the option to chose your account name. When you chose to upgrade, your image folder will be named the same as your account name. For example, instead of your image url being http://speedcap.net/img/RandomlyGeneratedCharacterSet/ImageID.png, if your account is named "Dave" and you have a premium membership, your image url will now be http://speedcap.net/img/dave/ImageID.png. This makes your image url considerably shorter and allows your to break free from the randomly generated folder ID you are assigned when first using SpeedCap. You will not lose your images due to an IP change like you would if you had a free membership. When you donate you also are riding yourself of all ads found in the SpeedCap Image Folder. Premium profits go towards the site to new updates, features, server upgrades and more. To purchase premium, you must first login and then visit this page. Later in the future, SpeedCap will be the home to even more Premium features and Premium updates. So stay tuned for more news on our Premium service!


I've opened SpeedCap but do not want to capture an image, how do I exit it?
To exit SpeedCap once it has been opened, simply Right Click your mouse.

Is SpeedCap free to use?
Yes! SpeedCap is completely free to use however we do accept donations in exchange for Premium access.

How do I delete images which I've captured?
To delete images which you have already captured, Sign Up for member access. After you have signed up, navigate to your Image Folder where you will find all the images of which you have captured. To delete an image, simply click the 'Delete' button which will be found directly under the target image.

I have experienced a bug which I have not found out how to fix, how can I report it?
To report a bug or suggest something we add to the program, simply email support@speedcap.net and we will reply to your email in 24 hours or less.

How many images can be uploaded to my Image Folder?
You have an unlimited amount of images you can upload to your image folder. We currently do not restrict you based on image count or folder size.

Is my image folder viewable by the public or anyone else but myself?
Your Image Folder is 100% private and nobody else has access to it but yourself.

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