Instant Uploads

Don't worry about logging in, selecting files, or copying links. With SpeedCap, images are automatically uploaded and the links are automatically copied to your clipboard.Get your screencaps online in seconds – or even less. SpeedCap uploads your screencaps to our storage facility automatically. Moreover, after the upload is finished, the link to the screencap will be copied to your clipboard as well. It just doesn’t get easier!

Less ADS

Tired of being bombarded with ads? SpeedCap has limited, non-invasive advertising. You will not be bothered by the ads placed, and with Premium, you can completely remove them altogether. SpeedCap is free to use, with no limitations. We hate invasive ads just as much as you do, so we did our best to make ads in SpeedCap as limited and non-intrusive as possible. Get a Pro version and have all ads completely removed all together!

Latest update:

- SpeedCap is now much faster! Test it
- Serveral errors fixed
- Old SpeedCap version disabled.. download new one
- New look of home and PNG page

DOWNLOAD SpeedCap for Win/Mac/Linux. It is FREE!
Get a Pro version to manage your online screencap storage.

Taking all the fuss out of screencap sharing

Whether you are a home user, a business or a developer, SpeedCap simplifies sharing screen captures like no other software. Select an area on your screen and you’re ready to share it with your friends or collaborators in a second. You’re welcome to use the free version of SpeedCap without any limitations with minimal ads. Get a Pro version to remove all ads and get advanced screencap management features with Image Folder, your own SpeedCap online storage space.

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